Courses Taught at WPI

Simulation Modeling and Analysis OIE 3460 


Required Course

2011, 2013-2018,


Modeling and analysis of dynamic systems subject to uncertainty. Topics include design of simulation experiments, probability review, output analyses, data structures and discrete-event simulation modeling. 

Stochastic Models OIE 3510 


Required Course

2011, 2013-2020

Probabilistic models and decision-making under risk. Topics covered include discrete time Markov chains, a review of the exponential distribution and its properties, the Poisson process, queueing systems, Monte Carlo simulations and decision trees.

Risk Management and Decision Making OIE 542

(formally  Operations Risk Management OIE 541)


Required Course



Decision making under uncertainty. Topics include decision trees, Monte Carlo simulations, value of information, utility, multi-attribute choice, and applications in operations risk management and design such as quality assurance and supply chains.

Management Science I: Deterministic Decision Models OIE 2500

(no longer offered)


Required Course

2009, 2010

Covers optimization and basic methods of linear programming: model formulation,
integer programming, transhipment models, network flow models, and assignment problems

Data Analysis for Decision Making BUS 2080


Required Course


Introduction to data mining and analytics to create business intelligence. Topics include regression analysis, forecasting, optimization and spreadsheet skills.